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Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting!

Thurston County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (TCARES) consists of experienced amateur radio ('ham') operators who volunteer their time and equipment in support of emergency communications within the county. Working with the Thurston County Department of Emergency Management , we provide communications for countywide disasters such as floods, storms and earthquakes.

As a member of TCARES, you will operate amateur radios at the Emergency Coordination Center, as well as operating in the field to support emergency communications. TCARES members provide their own radio gear for field deployment, and are expected to be self sufficient for up to 72 hours following a disaster. Team members are activated by the Emergency Coordinator and will be given assignments based on the communication needs of the Thurston County Dept. of Emergency Management. TCARES members do not self-deploy, but maintain readiness to do so when called out.

If you are a licensed ham or if you are interested in obtaining your license in order to assist us with our mission, please contact the Emergency Coordinator (EC) Steve Tomlin , or Training Coordinator Phil Cornell.

Membership in TCARES is open to all licensed amateur radio operators of all classes. Membership requires a background check from the Thurston County Sheriff Office, as all members are considered Emergency Workers under the state of Washington Administrative Code WAC

Members are required to complete the following classes, available online at the FEMA website.

ICS 100 - Introduction to Incident Command System

ICS 200-ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

ICS 700-NIMS An Introduction

ICS 800-National Response Framework, An Introduction

UPDATED - TCARES meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7 PM (1900L) in the Emergency Coordination Center, 9521 Tilley Road South ,Olympia, WA 98512.

This is a controlled access facility, visitors wishing to attend the monthly meeting are welcome and can gain entrance by contacting the TCARES Emergency Coordinator on the Olympia Amateur Radio Society (OARS) repeater, frequency 147.360 PL 103.5

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TCARES meets on the Olympia Amateur Radio Society (OARS) Repeaters every Tuesday evening at 1900L. This is a directed net. Visitors are encouraged and are welcome to check in to the net when recognized by the Net Control Operator.

The repeaters can be accessed with the following set up:

147.360Mhz +103.5 Tone

441.40Mhz + 103.5 Tone

224.46MHz - 103.5 Tone

The repeaters are linked together to allow for more flexible communications. Please use whichever frequency works the best for your location.


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Members Only Area

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Useful Links

Olympia Amateur Radio Society

List of Training Classes in Area

Pacific Northwest Hamfairs and Events

Western Washington District 3 - ARES & RACES

Thurston County Dept. of Emergency Management

Washington Emergency Management Division

Washington State ARES

Amateur Radio Relay League - Public Service

US Wind Map

TCARES Command Team

TCARES Emergency Coordinator (Acting) - Steve Tomlin

TCARES Training Officer - Phil Cornell

TCARES Outreach Coordinator - Bruce Montgomery

TCARES Technical Focal - Steve Ward

Revision History

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18 Dec 2018 Updated Link for OARS

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